Korea Tourism Research Association

International Journal of
Tourism and Hospitality Research

• ISSN : 1738-3005

Specializing in areas related to tourism and hospitality, the International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research (IJTHR) is a biannual (April and October), peer-reviewed research journal that is registered by the National Research Foundation of Korea. The scope of the IJTHR includes travel behavior, tourism marketing, tourism economics, mega-events and festivals, Internet and mobile tourism, tourism planning, corporate social responsibility, service quality, emotional labor, and hospitality management. In addition, other multidisciplinary research related to tourism and hospitality is also included.

Current Issue
Volume 31(10); October 2017
Namhyun Kim, Choong-Ki Lee

Mei-Lan Jin

Jinok Susanna Kim, Robert John Hart, Hee-Ja An

Santivong Kitouna, Yeong-Gug Kim

Min-Jung Nam, Changsup Shim, Chul Jeong

Jinsoo Hwang, Jung-Kyu Choi

Yukyeong Chong, Gunhee Lee

Demet Tüzünkan